Control expenses, oversee cash flow, reduce unnecessary costs!

The Business Zone system lets you control purchasing-related expenses of your company. Access the order history and analyze the reasonability of expenses. Exclude unnecessary costs and save money, which you can then spend on investments and further growth of your company and employees. Hard to believe? Start using the Business Zone system and find out how much funds you can save thanks to full control over the flow of business expenses.

Monitor expenses and plan your budget efficiently

Do you know that efficient planning and budget management constitute a crucial element of company’s operations? It’s worth knowing what budgets are used for orders and purchases. Access to such information and data allows you to plan your budget for the following month, quarter or year in a better way.

Control over reasonability of cash flow

Control your company’s expenses. Check if there’s reasonability behind all of them. Exclude unnecessary costs and take advantage of savings brought about by the expenditures module of the Business Zone system.

Prevention of financial frauds

All cash flow operations are registered in the Business Zone system. The user cannot do anything related to the purchase of products or services without a valid procuration right or an accepted order.

Accept financial applications submitted by your employees

Each budget application must be accepted by authorized users. The Business Zone system can be used to define the way any application has to complete before it’s accepted. Authorize users to accept or reject applications and control your company’s expenses.

Divide your budget into expenditure targets

Divide your company’s budget into expenditure targets. Determine what parts of your budget are to be spent on individual business activities. Relocate budget resources between expenditure targets if any changes arise.

Divide expenditure targets between business sectors

Each business sector can use its own amount of budget resources. This way, you can avoid situations in which one of the sectors fails to submit an application for allocating budget resources on time and is left without resources for the relevant settlement period.

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