Improve information flow at your company!

Configurator of the Business Zone system

Don’t you agree that each type of cooperation should be based on efficient information flow? It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about cooperation outside the company or cooperation between the company and its suppliers. The configurator allows for creating forms for internal or supplier communication. The forms can include various types of questions depending on the information we need to acquire. Be it employee forms connected with, for example, personal data, days off, business travel, or forms for suppliers, which can be used to acquire information related to the execution of the relevant order.

For instance, if the company entrusts the supplier with sensitive data, it is necessary to prepare a GDPR form. Such a form can be attached to business processes and the supplier will have to fill it each time the request for quotation is connected with the processing of sensitive data.

tworzenie ankiet, formularzy, kwestionariuszy osobowych
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