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To some extent, each company deals with employee rotation. One person leaves and another is employed. At some point, all companies have to deal with a situation in which one of their employees suddenly quits and a replacement has to be found right away. Looking for an “ad hoc” replacement is often related with the need to lower requirements of the job position.

Business Zone knows how to prevent it! The contractors module can be used to send offer inquiries for the execution of contractor work and receive contractor profiles from your suppliers. The contractor with the set of skills needed by your company will be ready to start working right away. A truly dream candidate, don’t you think? By using the Business Zone system you will no longer worry about a lack of contractors and subcontractors!

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What is the contractors module used for?

The contractors module of the Business Zone system is used to submit offer inquiries for the execution of a specific work by a contractor or subcontractor.

Who is a contractor?

A contractor is an individual who performs work for a company, but is not employed by that company under an employment agreement.

How does it work?

Any company, which uses the Business Zone system, can look for a contractor to perform specific work in the contractors module. This way, the company receives the best candidates and price offers from its suppliers. Job agencies and outsourcing companies receive the candidate’s desired skills and competencies. Then, they respond to offer inquiries, select the appropriate candidate and offer the execution of work.

How to choose the best contractor?

Offers with candidate profiles sent by all suppliers are compared in the Business Zone system so the company can choose the most suitable person in terms of skills and finances.

Use the Business Zone system to find a job candidate with the set of skills you’re looking for. That person does not require a long onboarding process and is ready to start working right away.

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