Supplier Register

Don’t put your company at risk of incurring additional costs! Select verified suppliers only!

Supplier profile

The supplier profile includes information such as: contact details, company name, supplier agreement, cooperation opinions, supplier qualification, assessment and so forth. Once you prepare a supplier profile it will always be within your hand’s reach!

Data on products and services

Each supplier offers its products and services. The offer can include hundreds of items with different purposes and prices. Use the Business Zone system to create a comparison of products and services and assign them to a specific supplier so you can compare offers both in terms of quality and price.

Supplier opinion

In the Business Zone system, opinions can be issued for each supplier. They can include answers to various questions, for instance: Is the cooperation going well? Was the order delivered on time? Were there any differences between the order and the invoice? You are organizing another request for quotations, placing a new order - supplier opinion will certainly come in handy!

Verification of financial data

Use the Business Zone system to verify financial data shared by the supplier. This way you can rule out financial hazards resulting from future cooperation. Check if the supplier falls behind on social and health premium payments, taxes and run a money laundering analysis.

Analysis of supplier criticality

The criticality calculator checks what is the risk of entering into the agreement with a given supplier. The Business Zone system runs many financial analysis, calculates the ratio of your expenses and the supplier’s total income. This way, you can verify if you are not the only client of the supplier. This situation might be dangerous due to the worsening situation of the supplier’s company in case you cease cooperation.

Order history

You can quickly check what orders have been executed for you by a given supplier. You can review the order content. Compare prices of the previous orders with the supplier’s current offer. The number and volume of the completed orders can help you when negotiating further offers.

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