Behind that name are the masterminds who have developed the Business Zone system!

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We’d like to introduce ourselves as the combination of chill - thus CHILL - and skills - thus SKILL.

The SKILL & CHILL team consists of IT specialists with strong technical skills and business knowledge gathered over 21 years of experience in many areas of the IT world. Thanks to the use of innovative solutions and complete commitment, SKILL & CHILL treats each and every client uniquely. Find out more on our website: - what we do at SKILL & CHILL is more than work - it’s a lifestyle

Meet Our Team

Łukasz Andrykowski

CEO, CVO & Co-founder

Przemysław Rutkowski

Business Development Manager

Hubert Wachowski

Chief Architect

Kinga Jessa

Marketing Director

What distinguishes us from other IT companies?

SKILL AND CHILL can boast about its amazing, tight team and many meaningful IT achievements. In the last 8 years, we have managed to enter into agreements with leading companies, such as Santander Bank Poland, Ceramika Paradyz or Randstad. As the first company in Poland, we have developed a complaint processing system compliant with ISO 10002. We lead not only in terms of complaint processing. Business Zone, our own software, is one of the most advanced systems developed with the use of the OutSystems low-code platform. At first, S&C consisted of two people only, now there are 37 of us at the company. We are not proud of the number of employees, but of the fact that we have managed to create a friendly work environment and a family atmosphere.

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Our Clients

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