Business Zone - the history of creation

  • 2014

    … it all began at that exact moment ;)

    Łukasz and Artur decided to open their own company. In 2014, SKILL AND CHILL was officially registered as a company and the gents started conquering the world of IT under the SKILL & CHILL brand.

  • 2016

    Lukasz and Artur come across an amazing opportunity!

    The gents were looking for new business opportunities. They dreamt about a vast, comprehensive project with multitude of functionalities, which could solve problems encountered by many companies, even the largest ones. Suddenly, an opportunity came by to create an IT system exactly like that and…Welcome to the world of digitalized business!

  • 2018

    What happened next?

    The system was named Business Zone. The first module focused on supplier qualification. Market needs showed the gents how essential it was to manage the company's budget so the budget management module was added to the system. Now, if there’s the budget, then how to place orders based on that budget? That question was the foundation of the orders module, and then? The whole procure to pay process. As we push forward, there are more and more modules of the Business Zone….

  • 2020-2022

    Comprehensive Business Zone System!

    Year after year, new functionalities have been added to the Business Zone system. Currently, the platform consists of an astounding number of 12 modules and a separate interface for suppliers - our clients. We carefully follow market needs and constantly polish the workings of Business Zone to ensure it’s always up to date with modern trends and meets requirements of even the most demanding companies.

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