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Are you looking for ways to automate and optimize business processes at your company? Are you thinking about digitalization of procurement processes at your enterprise? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place!

We’ll take you on a trip through the innovative world of the Business Zone system! Business Zone streamlines the everyday work of your company. It is a comprehensive procurement platform, which manages the procure to pay process (P2P) from start to finish. The system consists of several modules responsible for: budget planning, establishment of accruals, supplier qualification, order processing, procuration rights, central repository of documents, document archive, human resources, registers of suppliers, products, services…..and much more.

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Business Zone SystemWhat do automation and digitalization of procurement processes actually mean?

Full control over company’s budget and profitability

Control your company’s budget. Allow your employees to use it in line with your forecasts. Assess and control the company’s profitability resulting from both the activity of the whole organization and the defined expense purposes.

Verification, qualification and assessment of suppliers

Verify suppliers’ references, cooperation opportunities and financial data. Conduct supplier qualification. Cooperate with verified companies only.

Supplier competitiveness

With the quotation platform of the Business Zone system you will smoothly conduct the purchasing process, describe your requirements and receive offers from your suppliers. You can assemble an assessment team and use B-Zone to choose the most optimal offer.

Digitalized catalogue of products and services

Create your own catalogue of products and services. Launch a procurement initiative and then order products and services for your organization from any place in the world. Include procuration rights, which determine what amounts can be spent on behalf of your company and by whom. Sign orders with a qualified e-signature and the system will automatically send orders to your suppliers.

Assessment of employee costs

The Business Zone system verifies how much hiring employees really costs your company. It also aids in maintaining profitability. Use intelligent mechanisms and digitialized processes to request raises and bonuses for your employees.

Financial fraud countermeasures

In the Business Zone system, the supplier selection process is fully documented, fair and unbiased. Assess suppliers based on your own criteria. Quotations submitted to your company will be free of corruption and financial fraud.

Efficient flow of information

Create forms, surveys and questionnaires which will aid you in collecting the required information from your employees or your company’s suppliers. Create then configure your own form in a few minutes to use them when you deem reasonable.


Use the report zone. Create and manage reports so that the data that you need are available on hand. Control your company’s results and completion time of business processes run in the Business Zone system.

Full scalability

Business Zone, a procurement and purchasing platform, is perfectly tailored to the ever growing number of users and processed data.

system IT do zarządzania pracą

Smart business management!
Business Zone is a procure to pay platform which facilitates not only your work and that of your employees, but also your suppliers and clients.

The B-Zone system combines many operations to manage the entire procure to pay process. It includes many modules responsible for expenditures, budgets, procurement processes, orders, purchasing, contractors, invoice processing, registers of suppliers and agreements. All relevant information is available in Business-Zone so that the supervision process is run smoothly and the whole work of the company is digitalized.

WIth the Business Zone system, global management of your organization will no longer pose a challenge. Improve communication and relations with your company’s suppliers, share a dedicated supplier interface of the Business Zone quotation platform. The supplier portal, because that’s what we are talking about, will aid in everyday communication with your counter parties. Moreover, it can be used to conduct the supplier qualification process or the purchasing process. This way you can compare the received offers quickly and choose the best one for your company in terms of content and finances.

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