Business Zone System

karta informacji i danych o dostawcy

Supplier register

Collect information about all suppliers of your company. Complete data about their products and services. Verify suppliers based on financial and profitability criteria using various types of analyses available in the system. Assess cooperation quality. Keep ratings of the best suppliers. Work with verified suppliers only!

elektroniczne repozytorium dokumentów

Central repository of documents

Keep all of your documents in digital form. The central repository of documents is simply an electronic archive of all official and legal papers issued or received by your company. Here, you can keep e.g. supplier agreements, annexes, acceptance protocols. What’s more? You can access e-documents anytime and anywhere in the world!

zarządzanie budżetem firmy


Take complete control over your company’s budget. With the Business Zone system, you can divide your budget among individual departments and your company expenses. Accept financial applications submitted by your employees and verify the validity of cash flow.

automatyczne rozliczanie faktur


Take advantage of the benefits offered by the automation of invoice processing. The Business Zone System lets you register invoices received from suppliers and then it automatically matches them with corresponding orders. Can you imagine a simpler way to process invoices? Get rid of payment gridlocks and settle your invoices in the blink of an eye.

raportowanie procesów biznesowych

Report zone

Make business decisions based on reliable cost summary reports. Reporting covers all modules and business processes of the Business Zone system. This way of data presentation facilitates cooperation of the company’s management and supports decisions related to action plans for a subsequent month, quarter or even year.

platforma zakupowa


Plan the path of procurement initiatives and orders. With the Business Zone system, you can define each step your orders must take as well as employees who must accept orders before they are approved. Orders placed by your employees are verified according to your guidelines.

tworzenie formularzy, ankiet i kwestionariuszy osobowych


Prepare a list of necessary documents, certificates and declarations to be sent by your suppliers. Create your own forms, questionnaires, surveys to quickly collect all necessary information from your company’s employees or suppliers.

zarządzanie procesami biznesowymi

System management

Adjust tools and activity areas of the Business Zone system to business processes of your company. Define exceptions, manage users, notifications, reminder letters, alerts and authorisations. Manage operation of all modules and tools of the Business Zone system in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

elektroniczne pełnomocnictwa i akty własne

Procuration rights and own acts

Grant procuration rights even when you’re out of office. The Business Zone system lets you grant electronic procuration rights to your employees. Define the validity period of the procuration document and establish the sum of the budget to be spent by the selected employee.

proces procure to pay


Define your procurement needs. Be smooth and agile when accepting the submitted procurement initiatives. The system suggests suppliers from among whom you can choose the one who perfectly meets your requirements related to the purchase of a service or product. The Business Zone system lets you set up a team to assess the content and financial aspects of the received offer. Improve communication and exchange of information with suppliers thanks to a dedicated interface - the Supplier Portal.

zarządzanie wypłatami pracowników

Human Resources

Take advantage of an automatically prepared analysis of payroll. Based on remuneration data, the Business Zone System estimates the company’s employment and hiring costs. It verifies the amount of funds to be used for raises, bonuses and benefits paid to your employees.

kandydaci do pracy


Find a suitable job candidate who already has the set of skills and competencies required by your company. Place enquiries for contractor works in the Business Zone system. Such enquiries are automatically shared among the selected suppliers. Hiring a contractor has never been so simple.


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