Automate procurement processes at your company!

Manage procurement processes

Do you know how much money your organization saves while conducting procurement negotiations? Assess supplier offers in terms of content and finances, eliminate bribes and frauds. Plan your order schedule and control order costs. Communicate with suppliers via the supplier portal.

Define the formal procurement path

Define any amount as the starting point for orders, which require a formal procurement path. Appoint employees to be responsible for accepting or rejecting orders. Define the path for the selected order before placing it.

Use various modes of the procurement procedure

Do you want to hold a request for quotation? Maybe you’ve already selected a supplier and want to execute your order? Are you purchasing outside of your schedule? Have you found yourself in an emergency situation and have to place an order, which exceeds your authorization rights? The Business Zone system lets you use different procurement modes.

Verify risk of your procurement initiative

The criticality calculator calculates the risk associated with decisions related to the relevant procurement initiative. The risk level is verified on the basis of a questionnaire filled out by users.

Prepare requests for quotation

Start your procurement initiative in the Business Zone system and send it to an unlimited number of suppliers at the same time. Suppliers will see an open request for quotation in their Business Zone account and send offers complaint with its specification.

Supervise many procurement processes at the same time

The number of procurement processes is unlimited. Depending on your company’s needs, Business Zone - the procure to pay system, can simultaneously manage many transactions and agreements.

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